Get more used textbooks

Whether you are a campus bookstore, independent textbook retailer, or an enterprise-level buyer and seller, Source can get you more used textbook volume, period. With Source you’ll become a buyer in the only textbook buyback marketplace online that gives you direct access to millions of students, thousands of sellers, and hundreds of bookstores who sell their used textbook inventory through our unique programs. The end result for you? National buyback access, less time spent sourcing from multiple vendors, and state-of-the-art technology that makes managing and optimizing your orders a breeze.

Expand your reach
Through our national student buyback program and B2B solutions, you'll have access to proprietary sourcing channels and millions of used books that you can't find anywhere else. We get you more used books, period.

Save time and effort
We source your inventory, check the condition of every book, and keep you posted on the status of your items every step of the way. We let you tell us when you need your books by and what shipment frequency works best for you.

Optimize with ease
We make tracking and optimizing your Source orders a breeze! We even tell you how competitive your bids are so you can adjust as you see fit to get more orders.

How we get you MORE used textbooks than anyone else:

How it works

Prepare your want list

Simply tell us what books you are looking to buy, how many, and how much you are willing to pay for them.

Go live

As soon as you activate your bids, you’ll become a buyer in our marketplace. If you have the highest bid for the ISBNs that the students, campus stores, and sellers in our marketplace are selling back, you’ll win the order!

Track orders as they come in

You'll be able to monitor the status of your orders in real-time. We'll tell you what status they are (pending, in-transit, canceled, approved) so you can easily adjust your open-to-buy lists with other sourcing vendors.

Adjust your open bids as necessary

Easily add, remove, or adjust the bids and quantities of ISBNs that have not yet been matched to a seller. 

Get more used textbooks

Set your shipment preferences (bin and hold, weekly shipments, pallet shipments, etc) and track your shipments easily within your Source account.

Two ways to get started

Getting started with Source is completely free! You're only responsible for paying for the textbooks we source for you and for the shipment cost from our warehouse to your store. Absolutely no additional fees!

Ready to go live? Choose the method below that best suits your needs:


User portal

Upload your want list, track your orders, make changes, download order details, and monitor shipments all within our simple online interface. Sign up >  

API Suite


Designed for those looking for advanced levels of integration and automation, our API suite can take your sourcing to the next level. Check out our API Playbook for more information.


Source resources
Check out our Source User Guide.
Browse our Source FAQs.
Learn more about our Source API Suite.
Still need help? Feel free to contact us directly.

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